Ladies County Rules



1.  Administration


(a)   The Ladies’ affairs of the Association shall be conducted by the Officers of the Council consisting of President, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President, Hon Secretary, Hon Assistant Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Benevolent Secretary and Immediate Past President.


(b)  Each affiliated club shall be entitled to send to any Council and General Meeting, including the Annual General Meeting two voting representatives and all major decisions shall be decided by ballot.   The President shall have the casting vote at all meetings.


(c)   The Council shall consist of the Officers of the Council plus two voting members from each affiliated club and shall meet as often as the business of the Ladies’ Section requires.  The Secretary, after consultation with the President, shall notify all members concerned.


(d)  Fourteen days notice of any Council or General Meeting, including the Annual General Meeting shall be given by the Hon Secretary to all persons entitled to vote, except in the case of urgency. 


(e)   Any affiliated club may send a requisition to the Hon Secretary to call a special meeting.  Such requisition shall state the nature of the business to be brought before the Council which, if they consider the matter of sufficient importance, shall instruct the Hon Secretary to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.  The notice of the meeting shall state the business for which it has been called and no other business shall be transacted at that meeting.


(f)   All Past Presidents to be appointed Honorary Life Members. Other members may also be appointed for special services rendered to the game.    Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to attend General and Special Meeting without a vote unless acting as delegates.


(g)   The financial year shall end on 30th September.      


(h)  Where a rule refers to nominations these are required to be forwarded by the due date to Hon Secretary by the secretary of the nominee’s club, to be signed by her, her club secretary and club President or other club official.   Propositions from clubs are required to be forwarded by the due date to Hon Secretary by the secretary of the club and the club President or other club official.


 (i)   At the Annual General Meeting the Senior Vice-President and the Junior Vice-President shall automatically be elected as President and Senior Vice-President respectively.  Nominations for Junior Vice-President shall be submitted and be received by the Hon Secretary not later than September 30th. 


(j)   Nominations for Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Hon Assistant Secretary, Competition Secretary, Benevolent Secretary, Press Officer and Bowls England Delegate must be received by Hon Secretary not later than 30th September, together with any propositions from clubs to be placed before the Annual General Meeting. Any officer who wishes to resign her post, depending upon the circumstances of her decision, is required to give reasonable notice of her intentions to the Executive,


(k)  The Executive shall have the power to fill any vacancy on the Executive by co-option to be ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

(l )   The Hon Secretary shall conduct the business affairs of the Ladies’ Section under the direction of the Officers of the Council.

(m) The Hon Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the Ladies’ Section and shall pay such monies into the Section’s Bank Account.  All accounts, where possible, shall be paid by cheque, and signed by two of the four designated signatories.  If paid by cash, receipts to be obtained.  The Hon Treasurer shall produce for distribution at the Annual General Meeting a balance sheet for the previous year duly audited by an approved experienced person appointed for the purpose.

(n)  The Hon Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at General, Council and Executive Meetings and at each such meeting shall submit a report of the proceedings of the previous meeting.

(o)   Allowances for the forthcoming year to be decided upon at the Annual General Meeting and paid by the 29th September.  Any officer being considered for such payment must withdraw from the meeting whilst discussion takes place. The Treasurer to be informed of the decision.

(p)  The Executive shall be empowered to adjudicate upon any disputes referred to it arising between or amongst affiliated clubs or any members thereof as to the meaning or interpretation of the laws of the game or any of the rules, bye-laws, regulations and conditions or any point not covered by the laws, rules, bye-laws regulations or conditions or any matter of practice policy or complaint which it shall hold to be within its jurisdiction. The subject of reference or appeal must be stated in writing to the Honorary Secretary who shall call either a Special Executive Meeting to discuss it or postpone its consideration until the next Executive Meeting.    Parties may be heard on each side and the decision of the Executive shall be final.


2.  County and National Team Selection


(a)   Inter County Friendly Matches.


County Friendly Games – Selection open to all badged players and players with points towards their badge may be considered.  It is not necessary for players to have entered a county competition.  Club Secretaries to send names and playing positions to Assistant County Secretary on prescribed form issued at the appropriate time. 


Players and reserves calling off after selection has been made, without a valid reason, will  be charged £5. This does not apply to Johns Trophy and Walker Cup matches


The selection committee will consist of the President, Senior Vice President, Hon Competition Secretary (Hon Secretary and Hon Assistant Secretary with no vote) plus one Council Member from each zone, with a second-named person to take her place if the elected delegate is unable to attend.


(b) National Team Selection

A selection committee for the Johns Trophy and Walker Cup competitions to consist of experienced members attending the Annual Meeting or who have agreed in writing to allow their names to go forward. Nominations to be received by Hon Secretary not later than 30th September. The committee to consist of President and Hon Secretary (with no vote), the Competition Secretary plus four non-participants who are prepared to attend all Johns Trophy and Walker Cup games. To be voted on at the Annual General Meeting.


3.  Competition Rules


(a)   The Laws of the game as laid down by Bowls England to be enforced.


(b)  All competitions shall be confined to those clubs, which are affiliated to the Norfolk Bowls Association and Bowls England.   No competitor shall allow her name to be submitted for entry in the Under 25 Singles, Singles, Pairs, and Triples or Fours competitions by more than one club in any one year. The County to which her one club is affiliated is the only County for which a competitor may compete in the National Championships or Inter-County Championships.


(c)   No Club affiliated to the Norfolk Bowls Association shall play a person in a National Competition who has already played in a National Competition in any other County affiliated to Bowls England in the same season.


(d) For the purposes of the Competitions the County may be divided into Zones to be decided upon from time to time.


(e)   All competition entries for the following season must be sent to the Competition Secretary by Club Secretaries on the prescribed forms, together with the current entry fees to arrive not later than 1st November.


Fours (2 bowls) to consist of 21 ends;   Triples (3 bowls) to consist of 18 ends;  Pairs (4 bowls) to consist of 21 ends;  In Singles (4 bowls) the winner will be the first to score 21 shots.  2-Wood Singles to consist of 21 ends – game to cease when one player cannot win.


Under 25’s – Singles (4 bowls) the winner will be the first to score 21 shots. Pairs (4 bowls) to consist of 18 ends. Competitions open to members of clubs affiliated to the Norfolk Bowls Association who have not attained the age of 25 on the 1st April in the year of the competition.


(f)  The draw for all Competitions shall be made by a sub-committee consisting of the President, Hon Secretary, Hon Competition Secretary and Hon Assistant Secretary.


(g)   Players may only enter county competitions and the Norfolk Champion of Champions from one club, with the exception of the Benevolent Triples – see (r).


(h)  No county competitions to be played on indoor rinks or on greens that do not comply with Bowls England Rules.


(i)    Challengers to give two dates and different days of the week, within three days after the draw is known, and opponents shall reply within three days accepting one of the dates offered, unless already playing, when another date must be given. Fixed date games may be played on or before the specified date by mutual agreement between the parties.


Games can be played at any time up to 6 p.m. start Monday to Friday where the distance of the away team is not over 50 miles and a weekend date must be offered if requested.


Challengers to find suitable markers (no relatives) for singles competition games.




(j)   No extension of time set for the various rounds of county competitions will be allowed unless special permission has been given by the Competition Secretary.   Officers and players selected for International, Walker Cup (Double Rink) and Johns Trophy games must be allowed to play all county competitions.


Entrants to the county competitions who concede a competition game (give a walk-over) may be excluded from entering that competition for the following season at the discretion of the Executive.


(k)  Competitors who have to give a game for any valid reason must inform their the County Competition Secretary and also their Club Secretary.


(l).   Competition score cards, complete with names of all players must be sent to the Competition Secretary by the winner’s immediately after the match by first or second class post having first telephoned her with the result and such cards must be signed by the losers. 


(m) Competition Challengers to play on their home green if available, otherwise an alternative green may be used.


(n)  If one side is more than thirty minutes late after the time fixed for the game, the game may be claimed by the opponents.


(o)   In Pairs, Triples and Fours the players taking part in the first game shall constitute the team and shall normally play together throughout the competition.  One additional and the same player may, however, be used as a substitute at any time, provided she has not already played in the competition.  She may play in any position.


(p)  In the event of a tie, an extra end shall be played.  The skips to toss and the winner has the right to decide who shall play first.


(q)  Semi-Finals and Finals to be played on greens chosen by the Executive.


(r)   The Benevolent Triples (2 woods/15 ends) to be played up to the quarter finals on one day. Triples may consist of players from more than one club.


(s)   Rinks and Triples competitions to be played on fixed dates.  Rinks competition to be played first.


(t)   The Webb Trophy  This is a double fours competition – 8 ladies who must be bona fide playing members of the same club. The game shall consist of 21 ends, one four to play at home and the other away at the same time on the same day in all rounds. Games to be played on the dates stipulated but may be played before the fixed date by mutual agreement. The final shall be played on the date stipulated and arrangements for playing the final shall be made by the Competition Secretary.


A club is allowed to make any number of entries in this competition and shall have the option of substituting players and of altering the position of players for the second or succeeding rounds but a player may only play for one team in her club. An extra end shall be played on the green of the club of the challengers.


There shall be no telephones on the green. Contact with the opposing club shall be made ONLY by the match official and the score should be made known to BOTH teams.


If the green of one of the contestants should be unfit for play due to inclement weather or other circumstances, the game shall be played, if practicable, on a neutral affiliated green by mutual agreement or the green of their opponents if fit for play.


(u)  Any disputes involving competitions should be addressed to the Competition Secretary who, if necessary, will call a meeting of the Executive.




(v)   Points System and County Badge


County Competitions leading to Nationals

                                    Finalists                                   12 points

                                    Semi-Final Losers                   6 points

                                    Quarter-Final Losers               4 points


Under 25 Singles and Pairs

                          Winner                                    2 points

                          Runner-Up                              1 point


Under 25 players in Singles and Pairs who play in the National Championships at Leamington Spa will receive points towards their county badge –

                           Losing Quarter-Finalist (s)      1 point

                           Losing Semi-Finalist (s)          2 points

                           Losing Finalist (s)                   3 points

                           Winner (s)                               4 points          


County Competitions NOT leading to Nationals


Coronation Triples     

                                    Winners                                   4 points

                                    Runners-Up                            2 points

                                    Semi-Final Losers                   1 point


Benevolent Triples                              

Winners                                   4 points

                                    Runners-Up                             2 points

                                    Semi-Final Losers                   1 point


4-Wood Unbadged Singles

 and Unbadged Pairs              

Winner                                    8 points

                                    Runner-Up                              4 points

                                    Semi-Final Losers                   3 points

                                    Quarter-Final Losers               1 point


Champion of Champions        (Norfolk)

Winner                                    6 points

                                    Runner-Up                              3 points

                                    Semi-Final Losers                   1 point                                    


National Competitions administered by Bowls England


Losing Quarter-Finalist (s)      1 point

                           Losing Semi-Finalist (s)          2 points

                           Losing Finalist (s)                   3 points

                           Winner (s)                               4 points or County Badge                                                         


4.  County Badges


(a)   Finalists in County Competitions be given County Badge on Finals Day, or


(b)  To receive a County Badge 12 points must have been earned. Badges to be presented at the first County Game played after earning points.


(c)  Players from other counties who have recently played for their county in the Johns Trophy and Walker Cup teams shall be awarded four points towards their county badge, at the discretion of the Executive.


5.  Johns Trophy and Walker Cup (Double Rink)


(a)   Johns Trophy and Walker Cup flashes to be awarded to players who have played in these competitions for three years, although not necessarily consecutively.


(b)  Badged players will receive Johns Points which will be valid for three years, 

       as follows :-


                               Winners                                   4 Points

                               Runners-Up                             3 Points

                               Semi-Final Losers                   2 Points

                               Quarter Final Losers               1 Point


Johns Trophy and Walker Cup Teams will be selected from those players with Johns Points and others who may be invited to play by the selectors.         


(c)   Names of players wishing to be considered for the Johns Trophy and Walker Cup Competitions to be forwarded to the Competition Secretary by Club Secretaries NO LATER THAN 1ST MARCH.







Whites/Club Top;  White Bowling Shoes;  Club Bowls Stickers.  If Blazer is worn it should be Club




As for Open Day



Whites/Club Top;  White Bowling Shoes; Club Bowls Stickers; If Blazer is worn it should be Club



County Blazer/Whites;  Black Shoes/Sandals;  Black Handbag;  White Bowling Shoes;  Official County Top




Where players with points towards their badge may be selected – Whites/Club Top;  White Bowling Shoes;  Club Blazer

Others – Official County Uniform




As for Friendlies



As for Open Day.    Triples can be made up from more than one club but all to wear White Tops



Greys with White or Club Top. 

Club Bowls Stickers



Unbadged Players – Whites;  White Bowling Shoes;  Club Blazer.  Others – Full County Uniform



Whites/Creams/Club Top;  White Bowling Shoes;  If Blazer is worn it should be Club


including JOHNS/WALKER/



As for County Friendlies



County Officers, Past Presidents & Hon. Life Members to wear full County Uniform.  If bowling on Open Day, 2-Wood Singles, Benevolent Triples and County Finals their Club Colours should be worn on the green, together with their club stickers




Information available from Tour Secretary