Norfolk Bowls Association Ladies





BY MARCH 1st                   Submit to Competition Secretary the names of players for selection for Johns Trophy Team and Walker Cup. For members qualifying see Ladies Rules in County Handbook.


APRIL                                   Council Meeting. Normally lady Secretary and lady President of club to attend. 2 other club representatives may attend in their place if not available. Meeting held at County Arts Club.  Agenda will be sent to Secretary prior to the meeting. The County Handbooks will be available at this meeting – competitors will need to have these as soon as possible. Please make sure that someone from your club is in attendance to collect them or arrange for another club to pick them up for you. Also the National Handbook as it is too expensive to post.


                                                Forms will be sent out to Club Secretaries for badged players and players with points towards their badge to enter their names for County Friendlies. The completed forms to be sent to Asst. Secretary by the due date stated on the form. Club secretaries will receive details of their members who have been selected in due course. Names of Club Secretaries who wish to play in the Executive Match (see September) should be given to Hon Secretary at this meeting.


AUGUST                              Council Meeting  -  as notes for April Meeting. Nominations for official posts/county friendly selectors, Johns Trophy and Walker Cup selectors (see rule in County Handbook) to be received by Hon Secretary by 30th September. All of these to be signed by the Nominee, the Proposer and Seconder. Propositions to be voted on at A.G.M.  to be signed by Club Secretary and President or other official and also to be received by 30th September.


                                                All trophies from the previous season must be returned to this meeting. Check if you have any members holding trophies so that you can arrange to bring them to the meeting. It would be much appreciated if you could ask those holding the trophies to clean them before their return to save our Competition Secretary having to clean them all! Tickets for County Luncheon sold at this meeting. Details will have been given on the Agenda.


                                                A Request Form for clubs to host a County Friendly game for the following season are available from Hon Secretary. Completed forms should be sent to Hon Secretary BEFORE this meeting and those clubs who have been selected to host a game will be advised at the A.G.M.


SEPT                                     Executive Match -v- Norfolk County Men. An opportunity for all club secretaries to put their names forward for selection and they do not necessarily have to be badged players. Names should go to Hon Secretary no later than the April Council Meeting of that year.


OCT                                       County Luncheon and Presentations– takes place on the first Monday in October for attendance by prize winners, and club members. Friends are welcome. Details will be given on the August Agenda and tickets will be available at that meeting.


                                                The Annual General Meeting takes place usually about the third Monday in November. Several forms for completion will be sent out with the Agenda dealing with Affiliation, etc. These forms must be returned to the Treasurer as soon as possible and certainly no later than at the meeting. Receipts for monies paid to the Treasurer at the A.G.M. will be distributed to club secretaries/representatives at the first Council Meeting of the next season. At this meeting there will be available for collection details of the proposed dates for the following season.


NOV                                       Competition Entries with cheques to be received by Competition Secretary by the 1st November. Appropriate entry forms are available from Competition Secretary.


                                                At the end of November the national Annual Dinner and Prizegiving takes place. Any member may attend and details of tickets, etc. will be given during the course of the season.


GENERAL                           If bringing papers to a meeting, please hand to the appropriate officer in an envelope. The same applies to monies for the Treasurer and this should include details of how much is in the envelope and to what it relates. To save envelopes going astray, if you are not sure who needs it, please do not hesitate to ask. If you or your club has an email address which can be used to circulate Agendas/Minutes, etc. please make sure that we have details.

Revised February 2018